Mix Contest V

Mix Contest V: Soundtrack n’ Feel

Autumn 2006

So, what is the concept this time, you ask?
It’s two things:

1) SOUNDTRACK: The first part is what is most easily defined as a Soundtrack. The Challenge is to make a mix that acts as a soundtrack to something. Whether it’s an event (like a backyard BBQ) or a life (yours or someone else’s) or a vignette of time or a story, the soundtrack concept surrounds an event or is about an event or events. Something that creates a mood. Something that drives emotion or story. Or at least that’s how I’m imagining it.

2) FOUR QUALIFIERS: The second part of the concept incorporates qualifiers like the last contest (Audio Buffet). The difference is that there aren’t as many of them. There are only four this time and as before, you need to have a song on your mix that matches each qualifier, in other words, 4 songs on your mix, will be taken up by these qualifiers. Below are the qualifiers. [Wait, I should warn you that the qualifiers may seem a little Lifetime Movie of the Week, but honestly it’s an easy set to remember and they fit nicely with this qualifier idea we got going. I based the qualifiers on the wedding custom (or superstition or whatever the heck it is) about something old, something new something borrowed and something blue.]


  • SOMETHING OLD – A song from before you were born.
  • SOMETHING NEW – A song released within the last 6 months.
  • SOMETHING BORROWED – A cover song.
  • SOMETHING BLUE – A song that is about, sung by, referencing, considered or otherwise relating to “blue”.

This last one could use some explanation I suppose…Something Blue? In other words, you could use a song with “blue” in the title or in the lyrics. (That’s fairly straightforward.) Or you could use a song sung by an artist whose name includes blue (or bleu etc.). Or you could use a Blues song or an R&B (Rhythm & Blues) song. Of all the colors to be sung about, blue is pretty popular so while this might seem confining, it shouldn’t be too hard to find something you like, even with a very literal interpretation of Something Blue.

The title of the contest “SoundTrack n’ Feel” combines both the soundtrack idea with this mood theory I have. It’s a title which I really like (thanks brainstormer pal Kim!) but don’t worry, it’s just a title for the contest only – not for the mixes.

I want to reiterate that I think these challenges are a great way to hear and be introduced to music in the context of a mix. That’s the ultimate benefit and that’s why I keep doing them. The challenges and the themes are just a not-so-sneeky way to wrangle one’s creativity and give it focus. I hope you enjoy these contests as much as I do.