MCIII: Results

Top 5 Mixes (Best Overall)
1)Show Your Scars: A portrait of a relationship in Song (60 points)
2)Pushin’ 30 (34 points)
3)Lance Armstrong (30 points)
4)Hockney’s Canyon (28 points)
4)I’ll Be Leaving My Heart in San Francisco (28 points)

Best Individual Songs
There was a 4-way 2-vote tie for best individual songs:
*All These Things that I’ve Done – The Killers (Pushin 30’)
* Llorando – Rebekah Del Rio (Hockney’s Canyon)
* Romulus – Sufjan Stevens (I’ll Be Leaving My Heart in SF)
* there’s never enough time – postal service (Show Your Scars)

Best Theme Idea
1)Hockney’s Canyon (6 votes)

Best Art & Packaging
1)Show Your Scars and Freak! (both with 5 votes)