Mix Contest III

Mix Contest III: Portrait or Self-Portrait

Summer 2004

Well…. My idea for this theme was inspired by Johnny Depp’s performance in Pirates of the Caribbean. He’s said that he used Keith Richards as his “muse” for his character in the movie. That, and too many hours watching Behind the Actor’s Studio w/ James Lipton, got me thinking about the actor’s process and music. I don’t act, but the idea of creating a character and living them interests me…. as does a writer’s process of creating a complete full character or an artist’s process of making a portrait of someone.

I hope you see where I’m going with this…. It’s been mentioned to me that in essence, aren’t all mixes self-portraits in a way? Why specify? Well, while making a mix that represents oneself is almost unavoidable, I think it would be fun and a challenge to yee hearty mix makers (arrrrrghhhh) to do this kind of personality swap or projection with a collection of music.

DON’T FREAK! The mix doesn’t have to be about pirates!

It can be about yourself. It can be about an imagined character or a fictional character or your mom or your boyfriend or girlfriend or your dog or the guy who you buy beer from at the corner store. Skies the limit! – Or your imagination is, at least.