MCII: Results

—————-== RESULTS ==——————–

Best Mix:
1) 321 Blast Off! (43 pts)
2) In Sink (32 pts)
3) Viva Los Animales! (28 pts)
4) “Name” That Tune (26 pts)
5) diRRRty (25 pts)

Best Theme:
Hello Kitty’s Kitty (5 votes)
….close 2nd… So Bad, It’s Good (4 votes)

Best Song:
“Bad Babysitter” by Princess Superstar [DiRRRty] (2 votes)


Other Favorite Songs…

  • 400 bucks – Reverand Horton Heat [Aftertaste]
  • Butterfly -Weezer [Aftertaste]
  • I Wonder who my Daddy is – Eileen Fulton [So Bad It’s Good]
  • Ladies and Gentlemen we are Floating in Space – Spiritualized [321 Blast Off!]
  • Ladytron – Roxy Music [321 Blast Off!]
  • Leaving Loachapoka – Marshall Chapman [PLACES]
  • Lovecats – The Cure [Hello Kitty’s Kitty]
  • Me and Paul – Willie Nelson [All Over the Map]
  • New York Groove – Kiss [All Over the Map]
  • One Step Up – Eddie Vedder [Cover Me]
  • Passenger – Iggy Pop [My Secret Theme]
  • Penelope – Pinback [“Name” That Tune]
  • The Staunton Lick – Lemon Jelly [In Sink]
  • Travelers Tune – Ocean Colour Scene [Wander-bug]


oh, and couple more neat little tid bits:

* All female Top Five. Wow, that’s some girl power! (The gender break up on the mix contest was 8 men, 8 women.)

* Funny enough, there was only one repeated song throughout the entire mix contest and that was “Cameltoe” by Fannypack (appearing on Viva los Animales! And diRRRTy). I don’t know what that means, but it’s gotta mean something and I found it pretty funny.