Mix Contest II

Mix Contest II: Return of the Burn

Summer 2003

This Mix Contest is a Theme Mix contest. There are a few changes from the last mix contest. Most importantly this time you are required to have a *theme*. (Hooray! A THEME.) The theme can be whatever you want, but you gotta have one. If you feel, like, creatively constrained (noooo waaaay duuuuude!) or something by the presence of a theme, well…there’s not much I can do about that. This is a theme mix contest, so you have to have a theme, that’s just how it goes.

Every mix also has to have a title. (Hooray! A TITLE!) That title should somehow relate to the theme. (All that A, B, C, D stuff last time was somewhat confusing to everyone, but done out of necessity since there were a number of mixes with no title – which, of course, was partially my fault since my directive on titling wasn’t very clear. Whatever… v2.1, new and improved, download this patch, crunchy red strips, blah blah blah…)