Mix Challenge VIII

Mix Challenge VIII: Exile in Mixville

Autumn/Winter 2012

To begin to explain this mix challenge, you need to understand certain points of origin on how it came about…

You’ve heard the story of how Liz Phair’s 1993 album Exile in Guyville, is a song by song answer/response to the Rolling Stone’s Exile on Main Street? I’ve heard her say it (both live and on the documentary created for the 15th Anniversary re-release of the album – listen to a clip of Phair saying this via NPR).  I believe it to be true, though arguably the clarity of those connections is not obvious.

This is the starting point to the challenge. The challenge is for you, to take an album and create a mix that is a song by song response to that album. As Phair’s Exile was, this doesn’t have to be obvious to anyone but you. But of course, it could be.


This will not be a contest, only a challenge and it’s open to whoever, just supply me with the below, and I’ll add it to the page.

  • (required) Your Mix Title
  • (required) Mix Inspiration Album
  • (required) Mix Playlist (Song + Artist)
  • (encouraged) Embed link of your playlist (Spotify, Mog, Soundcloud, MixCloud, 8tracks etc.)
  • (strongly encouraged) Cover Artwork
  • (optional) “liner notes” If you want to explain why, tell us how your songs directly relate to the songs on your inspiration album.


Submit your Mix through the Mix Submission Form on the site. If you’re having trouble, contact me with any questions.

Other Exile reading:

Exile in Guyville: The Oral History by Rob Trucks, Village Voice, June 17, 2008

He Said, She Said: How Liz Phair Took the Rolling Stones to ‘Guyville’   by Caryn Ganz, Rolling Stone, May 21, 2010