Dirty Kiss

Dirty KissKISS Destroyer

A song by song response to Destroyer by KISS

Dirty Kiss

  1. Second Skin- “The Gits”
  2. Violet- “Hole”
  3. Honey Bucket- “Melvins”
  4. Gentle Groove- “Mother Love Bone”
  5. Possum Kingdom- “Toadies”
  6. Jezebel Woman – “Malfunkshun”
  7. Bluebell – “Babes in Toyland”
  8. Where Did You Sleep Last Night- “Nirvana”
  9. Rusty Cage- “Soundgarden”
  10. Cherub Rock- “Smashing Pumpkins”

Inspiration Album: Destroyer – KISS

  1. “Detroit Rock City”
  2. “King of the Night Time world”
  3. “God of Thunder”
  4. “Great Expectations”
  5. “Flaming Youth”
  6. “Sweet Pain”
  7. “Shout it out Loud”
  8. “Beth”
  9. “Do you Love Me?”
  10. “Rock and Roll Party”

Mix Challenge Liner Notes

Post glam – Kiss Destroyer is the first album I purchased for myself with my own cash. I went back listening to the rock anthems of my 10 year old self and decided the modern response can only be the beautiful black velvet grunge of the 90’s. (Can’t buy flannel in Indiana) I discovered a few bands that didn’t make it to radio in the Midwest. I followed Destroyer’s over all theme. Rock n roll – LOVE – fame – leather – Zeus.