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Mix Contest 8 (Autumn/Winter 2012)

Newest Mix Contest is currently happening. It’s not a contest though, just a Challenge. See MC.VIII for details on the theme and submitting your mix.


Mix Contest 1 – 7

Participants in the contest each create one mix (Audio CD, not mp3). Each participant is then also responsible for burning multiple copies of that CD, one copy for each of the other participants. Those CDs are then delivered to the organizer (me or my helpers TBA). Once we’ve received all the copies of all the discs, one copy of each mix is redistributed to all the participants. Participants then listen to all the CDs and then rank those CDs (excluding their own) and vote on various categories (Best Song, Best Disc Art etc.). A winner is decided based on the votes. The winner gets serious bragging rights and possibly some kind of “prize”.


I looked to cap at around 20 mixers each year. Anymore than that and it seems the Bell Curve of Flakiness kicks in, so it’s frustrating for everyone. No one wants that, so I said 20 mixers.


There was voting for Best Mix, Best Art & Packaging, Best Individual Song(s), and best Themes etc. There could be more categories (depending on the contest.)


Mix Title: A Mix title is required. No “Untitled”‘s will be allowed.

No Names: Don’t include your first or last names in the Mix title or notes or subliminally.

Packaging: Each mix must have its own packaging with its own tracklist. You can package your mix however you want (case, sleeve, origami) but they should be packaged, with no loose discs.

Format: CD Must be in Audio format, no CDs in data format.

Length: You can use either 80m/700MB or 74m/650MB CDs. No cassette tape mixes.

Track information: Needs to be included with the discs.

  • Song Title – required
  • Artist – required

Optional information can be included and is encouraged if it applies to your mix theme. Information such as album title, year of release, and notes.


My name is Anne and I organize this because I love creative challenges and music. The idea stemmed from a friend of a friend having a mix swap among their friends. I heard about the idea and turned it into a contest among my friends and friends to be. You can learn more about me on my other website, FruitPunchington.com or by visiting my Etsy Store called Fruitpunchington.


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Fans Spread Jams With Music Mixes

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